Discover the driving force behind Pakistan’s automotive evolution. Explore the top car brands in Pakistan reshaping the nation’s roads, from Hyundai’s reliability to Chery’s innovation. Delve into this comprehensive guide showcasing Pakistan’s automotive landscape.

Pakistan had many new car manufacturers. Most of the startups are focusing on introducing subcompact SUVs, including crossovers. Pakistan has a variety of brands and best sellers that are currently trending. Several companies offer best-selling cars that people tend to prefer more. So in this article, we will discuss the Top Car Brands in Pakistan and their complete details. The government has restricted the import of used cars to encourage the trend towards locally produced cars. To help Pakistan’s local auto industry grow, it is important to end the monopoly on used car imports. As part of the new auto policy, the government has provided relief to local manufacturers to encourage this trend.

List of Top Car Brands in Pakistan 2024

  1. Hyundai
  2. Changan
  3. Pak Suzuki Motors 
  4. Honda Atlas 
  5. MG 
  6. Haval
  7. Proton 
  8. Chery


  1. Hyundai

Hyundai Nishat Motors Limited will become the country’s largest and most popular automobile brand. The brand is a South Korean automotive multinational that produces a variety of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks. However, some of Hyundai‘s most popular vehicles include the Accent, Elantra Sonata, Santa Fe, Tucson, Genesis, and Genesis. In addition to manufacturing auto parts and operating auto repair shops, the company also provides financial services. This car is considered the most reliable brand among car consumers. Hyundai has become the Top Car Brand in Pakistan. 

  1. Changan

Changan Automobile is one of Pakistan’s leading car brands. Changan is an automobile manufacturer based in China. The company produces and sells vehicles in its brands such as Changan, Oshan, and Kaicene. Additionally, Master Changan Motors Limited is a partnership of his two automobile brands: Changan Automobile China and Master Motors Corporation Pakistan. The company started operations in Pakistan in 2018. They built a car factory in Karachi, Pakistan. In addition, the company also produces a variety of vehicles, including Mazdas, passenger cars, minivans, trucks, and SUVs.

  1. Pak Suzuki Motors 

Pak Suzuki Motors is a Pakistani company established in 1983. A subsidiary of the Japanese Suzuki company, this branch mainly manufactures small cars and some other small cars. The Suzuki Alto in particular is the manufacturer’s most popular product. It does not have its own logo, instead using the Suzuki symbol. This includes a red “S” letter and the company name in a blue font. Badges are usually metal versions of letter emblems. It is the most famous brand and is included in the list of Top Car Brands in Pakistan. 

  1. Honda Atlas 

Honda Atlas is a Pakistani car manufacturer founded in 1992. The company is jointly owned by local company Atlas and Japan’s Honda. Therefore, the company mainly manufactures Honda cars. These include sedans and some crossovers. It also doesn’t have its logo. The company only uses Honda’s visual emblem. Therefore, the only official logo is the red wordmark “Honda”.

  1. MG 

Car manufacturer MG is one of the world’s largest and most well-known car companies. MG stands for Morris Garages, a British car manufacturer founded in 1924 by a visionary. MG was recently established in Pakistan through a joint venture between SAIC and JW SEZ Pvt. Introduced. Ltd. Moreover, it has become a Top Car Brand in Pakistan as well. This car company develops and manufactures a variety of hatchback, sedan, and SUV vehicles. The company is also known for producing sporty and exciting cars that are always a pleasure to drive. Plus, every new MG is built from premium components and comes with a 4-year warranty. This makes MG  the fastest-growing brand in the world including Pakistan.

  1. Haval

Haval is the most popular car brand owned by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors since March 2013. Currently, he is active in over 30 countries including Pakistan. This car company specializes in the production of crossovers and SUV. Additionally, Haval-Pakistan has launched its two SUVs, Haval Haval H6 and Haval Jolion, in Pakistan. Haval-Jolion has already been delivered to the factory of Sazgar Engineering Works Limited. Therefore, Haval is one of the Top Car Brands in Pakistan as people are leaning towards Haval SUVs.

  1. Proton 

Proton Holdings Berhad is an automobile manufacturer and automotive group based in Malaysia. The company was founded by the Malaysian state in 1985 and was Malaysia’s only national car manufacturer. Our company designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells automobiles. Proton was owned and operated by Alhaji Automotive at its greenfield site in Karachi at the end of 2020. The company also develops and produces its CBU models, C-segment cars, SUVs, and sedans in Pakistan. Proton cars are most famous among car enthusiasts in Pakistan due to their reliability and technology. Therefore, Proton Saga is a new-generation flagship car that sets benchmarks in terms of comfort, reliability, strength, and style while offering reasonable prices in Pakistan.

Most Cheapest Cars in Pakistan 2024

  1. Chery

Chery is a Chinese state-owned enterprise founded in China in 1997. He is one of the largest car manufacturers in China and produces a wide variety of vehicles. Gandhara Nissan Limited (GNL) introduced Chery Motors in Pakistan in 2021. The company develops and produces a wide variety of passenger cars, people movers, SUVs, and sedans. Additionally, Chery has also released several vehicle models such as his Tiggo 4 SUV,  Tiggo 7 SUV,  Exceed TX SUV, and  Arrizo 5 Sedan. Therefore, Cherry is one of the Top Car Brands in Pakistan.