Unveiling the Most Expensive Makeup Brands in Pakistan. From Miss Rose to Beautify by Amna, discover luxurious local and international cosmetics catering to diverse skin tones and preferences.

Choosing the right makeup is difficult. Formulas don’t always live up to their name when it comes to skin tone, skin tone, undertone, and texture. On the other hand, numerous cosmetics manufacturers are crowding the cosmetics aisles, and brand advertisements are constantly bombarding our screens. Because how do you decide on the best makeup brand? Also worth mentioning is how much we’ve all been waiting for someone to come back with a long list of quality beauty products from the UK or the US.

Nowadays, various amazing cosmetic companies in Pakistan are simplifying our work by developing cost-effective cosmetic products. You can buy it online as well as at local shopping malls and brand stores across the country. As any makeup fan, or even a casual user, would agree, makeup kits from high-end brands are rare and valuable items, but you often have to sell your soul to buy them. Then there’s the issue of matching the right foundation to your skin tone. Pakistani brands are tailored to our beautiful natural skin and we no longer feel the need to rely on imported brands to meet our makeup needs. This article contains a list of the Most Expensive Makeup Brands in Pakistan.

Most Expensive Makeup Brands in Pakistan

  1. Miss Rose 
  2. Maybelline
  3. Medora
  4. Christine Cosmetic 
  5. Masarrat Misbah 
  6. Loreal
  7. Rivaj UK 
  8. Beautify by Amna 


  1. Miss Rose 

Miss Rose is a favorite local brand due to its high quality. Every woman certainly has a Miss Rose product in her home. Although they sell a wide variety of cosmetics, this store is famous for its lipsticks, mascara, and kajal in various colors. They recently released a primer, a brow gel, and other products. Many famous bloggers use and recommend Miss Rose’s products, making them a daily staple. It is the Most Expensive Makeup Brand in Pakistan and its products are widely sold online and in local markets.

  1. Maybelline

Maybelline, one of the best international cosmetics brands in Pakistan,  is also sold in the country. Maybelline is probably the Most Expensive Makeup Brand in Pakistan on this list. This multi-national cosmetic group produces almost all products for customers all over the world. Some of the popular products of Maybelline in Pakistan are lipstick, makeup brush, eye makeup, and moisturizing foundation. Maybelline mascara is also popular among women. In any case, a Maybelline product can be found in its makeup bag.

  1. Medora

Medora is one of the Most Expensive Makeup Brands in Pakistan and it originates from the city of Swat. This Pakistani brand sells matte, semi-matte, and glossy lipsticks in a variety of colors. Whether you want a beautiful or natural look, you can get the color you like at a very low price. Medora products are colorful and non-sticky. Medora lipsticks are of the same high quality as other famous brands in the world. This lipstick is available in Pakistan because it is liked by customers.

  1. Christine Cosmetic 

Christine Cosmetic is a local brand with a comprehensive collection of nail polishes, blushes, contour kits, glow serums, lipsticks, and foundations. One of Christine Cosmetic’s best brands is the first pancake, which is loved by many women across the country and has become a part of Pakistan’s cosmetic brands. The cosmetics company also claims that its products are completely organic and that no animal products are used in the cosmetics. There is no official website of the brand where you can get the product. It can be easily purchased from nearby stores or e-commerce sites.

  1. Masarrat Misbah 

Masarrat Misbah is a popular name in the Pakistani fashion industry. It also has one of the best local cosmetic brands in Pakistan. The brand offers innovative makeup products, and the Silk Foundation is at the top of the list because it is long-lasting, smooth, and available in a variety of colors that suit the skin tones of this area. Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation creates a natural look with a satin matte finish suitable for normal to dry skin types. You can buy it from the official website of Masarrat Misbah.

  1. Loreal

Loreal is one of the best international cosmetics brands in Pakistan. This brand offers awesome quality cosmetics. Loréal has all kinds of cosmetics: face masks, face wash, mascara, lipstick, lip glosses, serum, and foundation, as well as hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and heat protectant spray. Loreal cosmetics products are widely sold in Indonesia. They also produce high-quality makeup brushes. Loreal makeup brush prices in Pakistan vary depending on the type of brush you want to buy.

  1. Rivaj UK 

Rivaj UK is one of the Most Expensive Makeup Brands in Pakistan. Its high quality makes it one of the most popular cosmetic brands in Pakistan. There are many types of makeup including lipstick, foundation, mascara, concealer,  powder, eyeliner, and more. Highlighter and blush add the finishing touch to your look, and nail polish, lipstick, and eye shadows come in a variety of colors. Rivaj UK products are affordable and long-lasting. Rivaj UK cosmetics is easy to find at a local shop.

  1. Beautify by Amna 

Beautify by Amna is a very popular cosmetic brand in Pakistan. It is also one of the best cosmetic brands in Pakistan. Some of the popular BBA products include makeup brushes, foundations, serums, concealers, masks, powders, and more. Beauty Foundation by Amna is popular among other brand products. The cosmetics brand is known as BBA by Suleman on its official website and social media.

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