Discover the Most Affordable Cars in Pakistan

As car prices soar, maintenance becomes crucial. Explore the top low-cost, low-maintenance vehicles in Pakistan, from the iconic Suzuki Mehran to the latest entrants like Prince Pearl and United Bravo. Most Cheapest cars in Pakistan.

Car prices in Pakistan have increased incredibly in recent years, making purchasing a new car a difficult task for the majority of the population. Therefore,  consumers have no choice but to maintain their cars properly. Due to the rise in car prices, the used car market is also gaining popularity. A new car purchased several years ago now sells for more than the original invoice price.

This also shows that car maintenance is more important than ever. Pakistan’s local automobile sector generally has a high demand for locally manufactured cars. The maintenance cost of a vehicle is mainly called the cost of spare parts. In the current situation, both purchasing and maintaining a car has become a challenge. In this article, we will compile a short list of the most cheapest cars in Pakistan with the lowest maintenance costs.

List of the Most Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

  1. Suzuki Mehran 
  2. Suzuki Alto 
  3. Suzuki Wagon R 
  4. Suzuki Cultus 
  5. Honda City
  6. Prince Pearl 
  7. United Bravo


  1. Suzuki Mehran 

7 Most Cheapest Cars in Pakistan 2024

Suzuki Mehran held a monopoly for just 30 years before finally ending production in 2019. The small 800cc hatchback maintained its shape throughout its lifecycle, with some changes to its appearance. However, car maintenance costs remained low. It is also popular among consumers due to its affordable price. At the same time,  spare parts are also easily available in the local market. The car itself costs around Rs 3-4 lakh for an older model, while a new one costs around Rs 900,000. As for fuel consumption, it is not very expensive, averaging about 15 km per liter. It is the Most Cheapest Car in Pakistan you can buy it on Pakwheels.

  1. Suzuki Alto 

Most cheapest cars in pakistan

Pak Suzuki introduced it last year with a 660cc engine. Before this model, the Alto was equipped with an engine of less than 1000 cc and was also one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the country. Perhaps both models can be considered affordable cars in terms of maintenance and fuel economy.

His all-new 660cc Alto has an exceptional average performance of over 20 km per liter, making it the first choice for consumers. Spare parts are also available from authorized Suzuki 3S dealers and local markets. The base model of the new Alto is priced at over PKR 1.1 million in the domestic market. Suzuki Alto is also included in the list of the Most Cheapest Car in pakistan.

  1. Suzuki Wagon R 

Most Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

For the 1000cc hatchback class, the Suzuki Wagon R is also a good option with relatively low maintenance costs. Parts are easily available in the local market, but it is relatively more expensive than a small hatchback. However, the  Wagon R’s fuel efficiency is impressive, reaching 15km/L in the city and nearly 18km/L over long distances. It is equipped with a K10B engine with low noise. There’s plenty of space inside the cabin and can easily accommodate five people for city commutes. However, the prices of hatchbacks have now increased significantly, with prices starting from over Rs 1.5 million. It is the reliable and Most Cheapest Car in Pakistan.

  1. Suzuki Cultus 

Most Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus is also a famous name in the hatchback category in the country. The company launched the new generation of its Cultus about two years ago and it has since been widely accepted among Pak Suzuki’s loyal customers. It is equipped with the same K10B engine as the  Wagon R. The 1000cc hatchback has an excellent fuel efficiency of 14 km per liter and can reach speeds of over 16 km per liter on long-distance journeys.

However, the full-engine version of the  Suzuki Cultus costs almost Rs 2 million. Maintenance costs are at the same level as Suzuki’s Wagon R. H. It is one step ahead of the 800cc small hatchback. It is the Most Cheapest Car in Pakistan with the lowest maintenance costs.

  1. Honda City

Most Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

The latest models of Honda City may be expensive to maintain, but if you go back a generation, This car from 2008 model year onwards is an affordable option in the local sector of Pakistan. It is quite surprising that the same urban generation has continued to exist in Pakistan for  11 years. However, the models produced from 2004 to 2008 were very easy to use in terms of running and maintenance costs.

This particular model of Honda City still offers excellent fuel economy. About 14-15 km per liter. Spare parts are also easily available in the market at affordable prices and the maintenance cost of the Honda City is also relatively cheap compared to some other options in the local market. These models are easily available in the market for around Rs. 1 million.

  1. Prince Pearl 

Most Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

Prince Pearl is also the cheapest car in Pakistan. Priced at PKR,1,749,000/-. This is the latest car to be launched in Pakistan. It is also reported that a computer version will be released soon in Pakistan. Prince Pearl is powered by his 796cc engine which allows him to generate 40 horsepower at 5500 rpm. Fuel efficiency is around 20km/L in the city and 22km/L on the highway. Available in attractive colors such as Cairo Gold, Brown, Pure White, and Red Pearl. The main competitors in the market are United Bravo and Suzuki Alto.

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  1. United Bravo

Most Cheapest Cars in Pakistan

United Automobiles is a well-known brand in motorcycle manufacturing in the country. The company brand also entered the car manufacturing sector in 2018 with the launch of the first locally produced United Bravo 800 cc. This was a highly anticipated launch, but some manufacturing issues were leading up to it. However, the company has improved the quality of the hatchback and also introduced new features. Since maintenance costs can also be significantly reduced, it is gradually establishing itself in the local market. It was launched as a competitor to Mehran. Fuel consumption averages over 15km/L and spare parts are easily available in the market. In Pakistan, the hatchback costs less than Rs. 1 million.