Servis Tyres Price in Pakistan

Introducing Servis Tyres: Pakistan’s premier tyre manufacturer since 1970. Discover Servis Tyres Price in Pakistan and explore our global footprint across four continents. With popular brands like Cheetah, Vigo, Gripper, and Winner, ensure safe and enjoyable rides.

Service Industries Limited is Pakistan’s largest exporter of tyres and tubes. Over 40 years of extensive manufacturing experience have allowed Servis to establish its roots on four continents: Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Servis has been a pioneer in tyre and tube manufacturing in Pakistan since the 1970s, producing and selling products exclusively to the general public. Service Industry Co., Ltd. Our main business is the manufacture of tyres and tubes for various motorcycles and bicycles. Servis Tyres is a renowned brand in the tyre industry,  Servis Tyres has established itself as a trusted name among drivers worldwide.

The company’s main products are:

Motorcycle Tyres 

Bicycle Tyres

Rickshaw Tyres 

ULT Tyres 


Tyres for all reasons

Servis Ventures Confined has been in the bicycle tyre and chamber business since around 1970. They started creating cruiser tyres and chambers in 1990. The organization’s prosperity is set apart by top-notch items that are conveyed rapidly and actually through a broad-appropriation organization. This will make Servis Ventures the undisputed market pioneer in bicycle markings, and it will guarantee a bigger part of the cruiser tire and chamber market.

Servis Ventures Limited is a merchant of tyres and wheels for Japanese motorbike creators, for instance, Honda, Yamaha, and different regional motorbike producers in Pakistan. Servis Ventures Restricted is an enlisted business that exchanges on the nation’s all-important stock trades. Servis tyres focuses on development and uses state-of-the art innovation in assembling cycles to convey tyres offer prevalent hold, sturdiness, and wellbeing out and about. Whether exploring city roads or handling rough terrain, drivers can depend on Servis tyres to give solid and superior execution answers for their excursions.

Cruiser Internal Cylinder: Cheetah 2.25-17 (front) 6 PR-70 CC


Cheetah is a notable brand in the bicycle tyre industry, offering 2.25–17 front tyres in Pakistan at serious expenses. Exceptionally expected for 70 CC bicycles, this tire has major areas of strength for a 6 PR (use rating) that ensures trustworthy execution on a collection of road surfaces. The Cheetah 2.25-17 chamber pack (front) normally costs PKR 1800 to PKR 2000, depending upon the merchant and region.


Vigo 3.00-17 (back) 8 PR-125 CC, cruiser inside chamber set:


For 125 CC bicycle riders, Vigo offers a 3.00-17 (rear wheel) tube set with 8 PR for strength and durability. The presentation and steadfastness of Vigo tyres make them famous among cruiser devotees. The expense of the Vigo 3.00-17 tyre tube unit (back), including chambers and tyres, is PKR 2100 to PKR 2500, dependent upon monetary circumstances.


Chain Sprocket Units 428-100 and 38-15T (Blue Line): 125 CC


Despite tyres, bicycle owners regularly need a sprocket pack for ideal execution. The 428 Sprocket Unit for 125 CC bicycles incorporates a 100-segment chain with 38-15T sprockets for smooth power transmission and long life. It is a good deal because the 428 sprocket kit (blue line) typically costs between PKR 1500 to PKR 1800.


Cruiser Gripper Cylinder Unit 2.50-17 (back) 6 PR-70 CC:


Exceptionally intended for 70-CC bikes, Gripper tyres have astounding foothold and strength, making them ideal for ordinary driving. Six PR builds are included in the 2.50-17 Gripper Tube Kit (Rear) to ensure consistent performance in a variety of ways. The cost of the 2.50-17 Gripper tube unit (back) is between PKR 1800 to PKR 2000, contingent upon the seller and area.


Winner Motorcycle Tube Set 6 PR-70 CC, 2.50-17 (Rear):


The Winner 2.50-17 (rear) tyre tube kit is another popular option for 70 CC motorcycles. Winner Tyres’ focus is on long-lasting quality at an affordable price, resulting in dependable performance for common travel requirements. The Champ 2.50-17 (back) tube pack is typically valued at PKR 1700 to PKR 1900, making it a spending plan choice for bike proprietors.


So, ensuring your bike tyres and related parts are in capable hands is tyed in with remaining safe and having a good time. By putting resources into great tyres from famous brands like Cheetah, Vigo, Gripper, and Victor, bike proprietors in Pakistan can sit back and relax realizing that their vehicles are capable of the street. Costs might shift relying upon variables like area, retailer, and economic situations, so it’s ideal to think about choices and pick the item that best suits your necessities and spending plan.

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What ought to be thought about while picking bike tyres?

While picking bike tyres, consider factors, for example, tyre size, employ rating (PR), track design, and planned use. Ensure the tyres match the make and model of your bike and are reasonable for the street conditions you will experience.


How frequently would it be advisable for me to change my bike tyres?

The mileage you drive, the conditions of the road, and the wear on the tyres all play a role in how frequently you need to change your tyres. In general, check your tyres on a regular basis for signs of wear and replace them if the tread depth falls below a certain limit or if you find any bad signs.


For what reason is it essential to keep up with the appropriate tyre pressure?

Keeping up with legitimate tyre pressure is significant for good taking care of, soundness, and wellbeing. Inaccurate tyre tension can influence eco-friendliness, tyre wear, and by and large execution. Check your cruiser’s producer’s proposals for legitimate tyre pressure. 


Are tubeless bike tyres better compared to rounded tyres?

Both tubeless and non-tubeless tyres enjoy their own benefits and detriments. Drain tyres are known to be puncture-resistant and easy to maintain, but in the event of a puncture, they are less expensive and easier to fix. Select the sort that best suits your driving requirements and tendencies.

Could I at any point blend various sorts of tyres on my cruiser?

For optimal performance, it is generally advised to use the same brand and model of tyre; however, mixing tyre lights may be permitted in some circumstances. Nonetheless, it is critical to guarantee that the tyres have similar prerequisites as far as size, load file, and speed rating to keep up with equilibrium and stable activity. Counsel a tyre trained professional or allude to your bike producer’s proposals prior to blending tyre lights.