Discover Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan. Experience superior performance and reliability on the road. From 155/70 R12 to 265/70 R17, explore a wide range of sizes. Prices vary, so ensure to choose wisely for your vehicle’s needs and your driving style.

The latest short-term prices of Dunlop tyres in Pakistan show that prices are increasing in the new year. No doubt, this company produces all kinds of long profile tyres. Their products give your vehicle superior performance on the road. Your car can be driven for many miles and still not break down. In short, a completely reliable tyre. If you love driving and have an immense passion for it, then this brand is for you. Dunlop Tyres Price in Pakistan.

Additionally, if you want to improve the overall performance of your car’s suspension, get only Dunlop tyres. Tyre prices vary depending on several factors, including tyre model and size, retailer, and  location. Prices also vary depending on supply and exchange rates. We recommend contacting your local tyre dealer or checking online for the latest pricing. You can also check with your authorized  Dunlop Tyre dealer in Pakistan for more accurate pricing.

Dunlop tyre sizes

The journey for the idealized tyre measure reverberates with each driver. Dunlop recognizes these differing qualities of inclinations and offers a comprehensive cluster of tire sizes to cater to the needs of Pakistani drivers. Let’s dive into the domain of Dunlop tyre sizes, shedding light on a few of the well known variations:

Dunlop tyre size: 155/70 R12  

Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan

The grooves on the Dunlop 155/70 R12  are designed to quickly drain water away from the contact surface, greatly improving hydroplaning resistance. This also improves overall tyre safety and ensures reliable traction.

Dunlop tyre size: 155/65 R13

Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan

Dunlop 155/65 R13 tyres are designed for small car owners who prefer quiet and noise-free driving. Dunlop 155/65 R13 tyres offer the best combination of performance features. Driving safety is one of the key characteristics of the ECO EC201. The second most important characteristic of its development is its high potential for fuel savings.

Dunlop tyre size: 155/65 R14 

Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan

5-pitch technology compensates for vehicle interference while minimizing road and other operating noise. Five different block sizes help create different frequencies to split the sound waves. This significantly reduces noise  and allows drivers to enjoy a quieter ride. Dunlop 155/65 R14 tyres are environmentally friendly tyres.

Dunlop tyre size: 195/65 R15 

Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan

 Dunlop 195/65 R15 tyre prices represent a harmonious balance of performance and comfort. With a width of 195mm, an angle ratio of 65%, and spread development, it delivers a smooth and stable ride that exceeds expectations. Used in a variety of sedans and hatchbacks,  it is ideal for daily commuting and flexible driving scenarios.

Dunlop tyre size: 205/55 R16 

Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan

For those looking for a more demanding driving experience, the Dunlop tyre size 205/55 R16 is the first choice. This measure features a wider and  lower profile, improving cornering ability and grip. Believers in excellence are often attracted to this estimate because it complements the energetic character of sports cars and sports-oriented sedans.

Dunlop tyre size: 265/70 R17 

Dunlop Tyres Prices in Pakistan

Enterprise calls with the Dunlop 265/70 R17 tyre measure, tailor-made for SUVs and off-road investigation. The bigger distance across, more extensive tread, and higher sidewalls of this measure decipher the immaculate off-road capabilities. If you’re slanted towards the prevailing tough landscape while keeping up solidity and control, this estimate is your immovable companion.

Dunlop tyres prices in Pakistan in 2024:

In the interest of Dunlop tyres costs in Pakistan in 2024, comprehending the estimating elements is a fundamental step. Costs can change based on components counting tyre measure, sort, and extra highlights. Here’s a glimpse into the captivating world of Dunlop tyre prices:

Dunlop tyre price: 195/65 R15 

The Dunlop 195/65 R15 estimate, known for its flexibility, offers a reasonable alternative without compromising on execution. The cost extend for this measure for the most part falls between PKR 9,000 to 14,000 per tyre, depending upon particular models and highlights.

Dunlop tyres prices in Pakistan: 205/55 R16 

The Dunlop 205/55 R16 is designed for performance-oriented tastes and comes at a slightly higher price point, typically between PKR 11,000 to 15,000 per tyre. 

 Dunlop tyres price: 265/70 R17 

 Dunlop size 265/70 R17 is aimed at off-road enthusiasts and costs between PKR 17,000 to 20,000 per tyre.

Here is a list of some of Dunlop tyres prices in Pakistan below:

Tyre Sizes              Prices         

145-70-R12          14000  RS

155-70-R12          15000 RS

165-65-R14          19000 RS

185-65-R15          21000 RS

185-70-R14          23000 RS

195-70-R14          25000 RS

195-65-R15         26000 RS

205-65-R15         28000 RS

215-55-R17         34000 RS

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Choosing the best tyre size and making the right choice

Prioritize tyre size selection for your specific vehicle model. Check your vehicle manual or seek advice from an automotive expert to ensure a seamless fit. Adjust the tyre size to suit your driving habits and preferences. If comfort is your priority, a standard size may be the way to go. For users looking for enhanced performance or offload capabilities, dedicated sizes meet these needs. Whereas it’s critical to consider your budget, prioritize esteem over the least cost. Investing in quality tyres will improve performance, safety, and longevity.