Discover the essence of Pakistani modest fashion with our curated selection of the 15 Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan. From Astore to Malbus, explore quality craftsmanship, diverse designs, and inclusive sizes, embodying cultural richness and sartorial diversity. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Pakistani modest wear.

Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan: Pakistani modest fashion is characterized by a variety of brands, including Astore Abaya and Sapphire Abaya. These brands, known for their quality craftsmanship and diverse designs, have established a niche in the Pakistani market. These brands, known for their commitment to inclusivity, showcase the cultural richness and sartorial diversity of Pakistani fashion. As we explore the intricate tapestry of Pakistani modest wear, we’ll discover the unique features and charm of these esteemed brands. Lets Dive into 15 Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan.

List of 15 Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan

1.Astore Abaya

2.Sapphire Abaya

3.Hareer Abaya

4.Spinzar Abaya

5.Vohra & Saigol Abaya

6.Aarefa Abaya

7.Hijabeaze Abaya

8.Kef Abaya

9.The Hijab Company Abaya

10.Hijabulhareem Abaya

11.Wearabaa Abaya

12.Pins & Pearls Abaya


14.Black Camels Abaya

15.Malbus Abaya

Astore Abaya

Features of Astore Abayas

Astore Abayas ranked in between 15 Best Abaya Brands in Pakistan. Different Abaya Plans: Astore abayas feature different plans, including front open abaya plans, creased designs, kaftan abaya plans, and butterfly abaya plans taking care of various preferences and events.

Variety Range: The assortment incorporates different tones, from exemplary dark to white abayas and different pastel in the middle between, pink, green, beige, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, offering decisions for each mind-set and inclination.

Texture Assortment: Astore makes its abayas with the best nida texture, a top-level decision praised for its extravagant solace and enduring sturdiness.

Adaptable Styles: The abayas range from basic, exquisite plans for everyday wear to additional intricate pieces ideal for unique occasions.

Size Inclusivity: Taking special care of ladies, everything being equal, Astore guarantees that each plan is accessible in numerous sizes, advancing inclusivity and body energy. I would propose you all check the size diagram first and afterward request.

Astore Abaya Set: Release the tastefulness with one external abaya, a stylish internal layer, a popular bow-style belt, and the ideal final detail – a jazzy scarf to finish the gathering!

Sapphire Abaya

15 Best abaya brands in pakistan

Features of the Sapphire Abayas 

Assortment of Plans: The assortment incorporates a wide cluster of abaya plans, from hand-decorated sets to twofold layered abaya sets, fundamental abaya plans, and kaftan abaya plans, guaranteeing a counterpart for each style. Sapphire Abayas ranges in Best Abaya brands in Pakistan.

Variety Choices: Sapphire offers abayas in different tones, like green, maroon, dark, naval force, brown, purple, blue-green, beige, lilac, and that’s just the beginning.

Texture Quality: Using premium textures like chiffon and nida, these abayas offer both solace and sturdiness.

Current Contacts: Consolidating present day components like diamante subtleties and layered plans, the Sapphire abayas assortment stands apart for its contemporary allure.

Adaptable Wear: Ideal for both formal and relaxed environments, these abayas take care of different style needs.

Hareer Abaya

15 Best abaya brands in pakistan

Features of the Hareer Abayas

Inventive Plans: Hareer abayas highlight creative plans that incorporate front-open abaya plans, printed abaya plans and examples, and weaved subtleties, taking care of different design inclinations.

Variety: The assortment brags a reach tones, from exemplary natural tones to additional energetic choices, taking into consideration individual articulation through dress.

Premium Textures: Utilizing great imported chiffon texture, self-finished nothing texture, printed silk texture, and imported twofold georgette texture, Hareer guarantees every abaya is agreeable, solid, and reasonable.

Flexibility: Whether it’s a plain abaya plans for day to day wear or a more complicated piece for extraordinary occasions, Hareer offers flexibility in its assortment.

Printed Abayas: For the individuals who love designs, Hareer’s printed abayas offer a stylish decision, ideal for adding a hint of uniqueness to your closet.

Spinzar Abaya

Features of Spinzar Abayas

One of the top Abaya Brands in Pakistan.Quality Textures: The brand utilizes great textures like crepe and marina to guarantee solace and sturdiness on all life altering situations.

Refined Plans: Spinzar’s abayas are portrayed by their complex plans, for example, front open abaya plans, exemplary round neck abaya plans, and printed abaya plans.

Center around Enumerating: The assortment incorporates abayas with nitty gritty weaving, decoration subtleties, and printed designs, displaying an elevated degree of craftsmanship and scrupulousness.

Wide Variety Reach: Offering a range that reaches from exemplary dark to lively varieties, Spinzar’s abayas take special care of various preferences and events.

Flexible Styles: From plain abaya plans for everyday wear to more intricate, printed abaya plans for unique events, the assortment is adaptable and comprehensive.

Vohra & Saigol Abaya

Features of Vohra and Saigol Abaya 

Stunning Plan Assortment: Vohra and Saigol’s abaya assortment is famous for its different scope of plans, including front open abayas, printed abaya plans, and richly nitty gritty pieces.

Center around Texture Quality: Premium Korean nida texture guarantees solace, sturdiness, and an elegant wrap that supplements different body types.

Current and Conventional Combination: The abayas consolidate present day plan components with customary unobtrusiveness, offering snazzy pieces and regarding social qualities.

Meticulousness: Multifaceted specifying, whether as weaving, stonework, ribbon, or print, adds a novel appeal to every abaya, making them hang out in the humble design scene.

Aarefa Abaya

Features of the Aarefa Abaya 

Various Reach: The assortment incorporates coat-style abayas, beautiful abayas, weaved abayas, trim abayas, and maxi abayas.

Creative Plans: Aarefa Abaya’s emphasis on imaginative plans is clear in its reach, highlighting front-open abaya plans, rich ribbon designs, and weaved subtleties.

Variety Range: The brand offers various choices, from light to energetic shades, taking special care of various design inclinations.

Texture Quality: Aarefa utilizes top-notch polyester textures that are agreeable, sturdy, and reasonable for different events and environments.

Current Styles: The assortment is refreshed consistently with new abaya plans, guaranteeing that it stays at the front of contemporary style.

Hijabeaze Abaya

Features of The Hijabeaze Abaya 

Excellent Texture: Accentuating solace and toughness, Hijabeaze utilizes quality textures like Arabic grass, silk velvet, and twofold georgette that are appropriate for various environments and events.

Inventive Plans: Hijabeaze abayas are known for their cutting-edge plans, including front-open abaya plans, printed abaya plans, kaftan style abaya plans, and Hijabeaze signature zipper abaya.

Different Variety Range: Offering many tones, the assortment takes care of different inclinations, from conventional blacks to energetic shades. Generally, you will track down pastel shades in the most recent Hijabeaze abaya assortment.

Flexible Styles: The assortment incorporates plain abaya plans for ordinary wear and more complex, extravagant abayas for unique occasions.

Contemporary Contacts: Zeroing in on new abaya plans, Hijabeaze guarantees each piece is unobtrusive and in vogue. Likewise, the sizes are comfortable and free to fit.

Kef Abaya

Features of the Kef Abaya 

Quality Texture Decisions: Kef utilizes premium textures like silk, georgette, and Nida texture, squashed georgette guaranteeing solace and strength in their abayas.

Contemporary and Stylish Plans: Kef abayas are known for their cutting-edge and beautiful plans, consolidating patterns while keeping up with unobtrusiveness. You will find relaxed abaya plans, ribbon abaya plans, printed abaya plans, and weaved abaya plans.

Extensive variety of Varieties: The assortment offers abayas in different tones, like highly contrasting, multicolor, blue, lilac, purple, green, maroon, and that’s just the beginning.

Flexible Styles: From easy plans for regular wear to additional intricate and printed plans for extraordinary events, Kef offers a wide reach.

Inventive Contacts: The brand centers around presenting new abaya plans that are both delightful and pragmatic. Likewise, Kef abaya accompanies a hijab for the total look.

The Hijab Company Abaya

Features of The Hijab Organization Abayas

Quality Textures: These abayas guarantee solace and toughness and are made with premium materials like Nida texture, unadulterated silk, and fleece chiffon.

Assortment of Plans: The assortment incorporates coat-style abayas, weaved abayas, front open abayas, jilbabs, kaftans, and maxi-style abayas.

Current and Exquisite: Underlining present-day style, the abayas highlight exceptional cuts, hand weaving, and sensitive prints, a midsection belt, joined internal ideal for different events.

Variety Decisions: The assortment offers a scope of varieties; my undisputed top choice is the blue ombre abaya; you can likewise find varieties like dark, white, maroon, and beige, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, from exemplary to contemporary shades.

Beautiful Outlines: The abayas are planned with a cutting-edge touch, highlighting flowy outlines and exquisite curtains, ideal for both formal and informal environments.

Hijabulhareem Abaya

Features of The Hijabulhareem Abayas

Quality Materials: Using top-notch textures like nida and twofold georgette texture, every abaya is made for solace, strength, and style.

Shifted Styles: The assortment incorporates front open styles, sweatshirt abayas, jilbabs, coats, easygoing and formal abayas, party wear, and extraordinary assortments like Nooriya and Sheikha.

Contemporary Plans: Spotlight on present-day plan components like a complex machine and hand weaving, remarkable cuts, and rich hanging.

Different Variety Choices: The brand offers a range that ranges from exemplary blacks to rich, energetic tints.

Wearabaa Abaya

15 Best abaya brands in pakistan

Feature of Abaya Assortment

Flexible Plans: Wearabaa. co offers a scope of abaya plans, including proclamation pieces, winter alters, kimono abayas, and day-to-day wear fundamentals.

Center around Current Styles: The brand represents considerable authority in contemporary plans, consolidating front-open styles, smooth cuts, and a moderate feel.

Quality Textures: Stressing solace and solidness, the abayas are created from top-notch materials, for example, Nida, georgette, and polyester cotton.

Variety Decisions: From exemplary shades like dark, beige, and white, the assortment gives an energetic variety of choices to suit individual inclinations.

Tender-loving care: Every abaya features fastidious scrupulousness, like inflatable sleeves, matte touch, and inherent pockets.

Pins & Pearls Abaya

Features of Pins and Pearls Abayas

Adaptable Assortment: Offering ordinary wear abayas, sew abayas, from there, the sky is the limit, taking special care of different style inclinations.

Present-day Plans: The brand centers around contemporary plans, including front-open abaya plans and exemplary abaya plans.

Quality Textures: Pins and Pearls utilize premium texture, for example, a weave rib, Korean malai georgette, and Nida, it is agreeable and solid to guarantee every abaya.

Wide Variety Reach: The assortment incorporates exemplary dark abayas and dynamic variety choices.

Scrupulousness: Every abaya reflects careful craftsmanship, stressing upscale cuts and rich completions.


15 Best abaya brands in pakistan

Features of Abaya Assortment

Various Plans: Highlighting a scope of abayas, including regular wear, and front open plans, and that’s just the beginning.

Current Feel: Zeroing in on contemporary styles, the assortment incorporates new abaya plans that are both in vogue and unassuming.

Quality Textures: Made with premium materials like silk, georgette, and nida, guaranteeing solace and toughness.

Assortment of Varieties: Offering a scope of varieties to suit various inclinations and events.

In vogue and Useful: Offsetting style with the standards of unobtrusiveness, appropriate for different settings

Black Camels

15 Best abaya brands in pakistan

Features of Black Camel Abaya Assortment

Premium Texture: Every abaya is created from premium textures, for example, Saudi nida texture and silk, guaranteeing both style and solace in each piece.

Different Plans: The assortment brags a cluster plans taking special care of different preferences and events, for example, front open abaya plans, maxi abaya plans, printed abaya plans, and coat-style abaya plans.

Rich Variety Range: Dark Camel offers a rich range of varieties, considering individual articulation while keeping up with the style of unassuming wear.

Raised Itemizing: Dark Camel abayas highlight unpredictable enumerating, for example, handwork, creases, extravagant string weaving, pack sleeves with strip ties, versatile sleeves, and side pockets.

Contemporary Patterns: Remaining in front of the style bend, Dark Camel consistently mixes contemporary patterns with immortal polish in their abaya assortment.

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Malbus Abaya

Features of Malbus Abaya Assortment

Different Plans: From rich front open styles to stylish printed plans and flowy ribbon abaya plans, the assortment offers a scope of choices. Malbus is Best abaya brands in Pakistan.

Quality Textures: Made with premium materials, the abayas are both agreeable and strong.

Variety Assortments: The assortment highlights exemplary blacks and more dynamic variety decisions, taking special care of various preferences.

Contemporary Styling: Zeroing in on present-day feel, the abayas consolidate current style while keeping up with humility.

Adaptable Wear: Appropriate for different events, from regular wear to unique occasions, exhibiting the brand’s obligation to flexibility.